MD Governor Hogan’s Term as NGA Chair Ends As Pandemic Continues

Maria Leaf

WASHINGTON– Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has served as the head of the National Governors Association for the past year, but now his term is over.

It was dominated by the Coronavirus in recent months as Hogan worked as a liaison between the Governors and the White House in regards to reporting the situation on the ground and what the state leaders needed.

“I have no doubt that together, America’s governors will continue to lead and that we will do whatever it takes to get our states and our nation back on track,” Hogan said in his farewell speech.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will now take over as head of the NGA. He had been serving as Hogan’s Vice Chair. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson will be the new Vice Chair.

Before departing, Hogan announced he’s establishing and funding a legacy position at the association “dedicated to advancing infrastructure reforms”. That will be funded until 2023 when his term as Maryland Governor is up.

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