Charles Cully Stimson, Rev. Markel Hutchins & Mark Mix on The Larry O’Connor Show 09.07.2020

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Trump Demands Reporter Remove Mask to Ask Him a Question (The Daily Beast)

President Trump demanded a reporter asking a question at a Monday press conference remove his mask. When Jeff Mason of Reuters started to speak, the president interrupted him and said: “You’re going to have to take that off, please. You can take it off. How many feet are you away?” Mason said he would speak louder but Trump was not satisfied. “Well, if you don’t take it off, you’re very muffled, so if you would take it off, it would be a lot easier,” he said. Mason then raised his voice and said, “Is that better?” Trump, looking none too thrilled and not wearing a mask himself, replied, “It’s… better, yeah.” Later in the press conference on the North Portico of the White House, when another reporter took off his mask to answer a question, Trump pointedly remarked, “You sound so clear.” [Read More]

National Law Enforcement Organizations Announce Unprecedented Joint Police-Community Outreach Project Throughout The U.S. (CISON)

America’s Largest and Most Influential Law Enforcement Groups Seek to Unite with Communities for a Nationwide Weekend of Dialogue, Collaboration, Resolution and Reconciliation [Read More]


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ disdain for the American worker (The Washington Times)

Kamala Harris, the junior U.S. senator from California and Joe Biden’s running mate knows full well that many employees who are subject to union monopoly bargaining would be better off if they weren’t. In fact, she even told the U.S. Supreme Court that very thing.

In 2015, Ms. Harris and several other statewide California officeholders effectively admitted that laws authorizing a union hierarchy to act as sole spokesperson for members and nonmembers alike in contract negotiations with the employer can and often do hurt talented employees. [Read More]

D.C. Mayor’s Attempt to Shift Blame Falls Flat (The Heritage Foundation)

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser can’t decide what she wants.

A year ago, she advocated for criminal justice measures that even the Washington Post’s editorial board decried as having “gone too far,” a situation where “common sense may be losing out to enthusiasm for reform.”

But this past week, she attempted to pass herself off as just the opposite, a law-and-order mayor stymied by an uncooperative U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, which prosecutes most local crime in D.C. [Read More]

Trump thanks John Kelly aide who denied hearing president call fallen Marines losers (FOX News)

 Former White House deputy chief of staff Zach Fuentes earned President Trump’s gratitude after he denied a recent report in The Atlantic that claimed the president disparaged American veterans and fallen soldiers.[Read More]

The Media Are Lying About The Election Again (The Federalist) 

Election 2020 is shaping up to be déjà vu all over again for the news media. In an effort to help push Joe Biden over the finish line, the Washington establishment is going all-in on the easily refuted idea that there has been no change in the presidential race over the last three weeks.

“With Two Months To Go, a Steady Presidential Race,” writes Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report. [Read More]


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