Marc Lotter, Salena Zito & Rick Ungar on The Larry O’Connor Show 09.29.2020

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In Debate, Chris Wallace Must Prove Biden Was Wise to Avoid Interview Requests (Townhall)

 Every week, Chris Wallace, host of “Fox News Sunday,” reminds his viewers that he has asked the Biden campaign for a one-on-one interview with the Democratic nominee for president, and every week he tells us that Biden was “unavailable” for the sit-down. [Read More]

Trump campaign claims Biden team ‘abruptly reversed’ itself and declined pre-debate inspection for electronic earpieces (Washington Examiner) 

Both President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden reportedly made special requests before their first debate.

Trump’s campaign requested that both the president and Biden undergo ear inspections by a third party for electronic devices or other transmitters that may allow for communication, according to Fox News.[Read More]

Rural Pennsylvania turns more red, but is it enough for Trump? (Washington Examiner)

Just a few short months ago, if you drove down Baptist Road in this middle-class southern suburb of Pittsburgh, it would have been hard to miss the Bernie Sanders shrine filling the yard of a tidy, yellow-brick ranch home in the neighborhood. There was the life-size cutout of the former presidential candidate, a large “FEEL THE BERN” homemade sign along the berm of the road, a few “Bernie 2020” and “Get Berned” signs, as well as a lively decorated mailbox plastered with Bernie bumper stickers.

Sometime between the Pennsylvania primary in June (when Democratic voters gave Joe Biden their support) and last week, the shrine came down, replaced by one lone yard sign reading “GIANT METEOR 2020.” [Read More]


 Trump campaign wants to examine Biden’s ears for electronic device before debate: Fox News (The Hill)

President Trump’s campaign wants to have a third party examine both his and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s ears for electronic devices before Tuesday night’s presidential debate, Fox News reported, part of an ongoing effort by the president’s supporters to paint the former vice president as mentally incompetent.

The demand comes as part of a heated back-and-forth between the two campaigns in the hours before a debate that most expect to be nasty and personal. [Read More]

Kamala Harris sidesteps question of Democrats packing Supreme Court (NY Post)

Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, stumbled and then sidestepped a question about whether Democrats should pack the Supreme Court if they win the White House and a majority in the Senate this November.

Harris was asked Monday by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell whether the court should be expanded if President Trump’s nominee Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed. [Read More]


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