Metro: 6000-Series Cars Sidelined After Tuesday Incident


WASHINGTON – Following a train-separation incident on the Red Line Tuesday, Metro said it will temporarily sideline its 6000-series railcars.

According to a news release from WMATA, on Tuesday, an 8-car train made up of all 6000-series cars reported mechanical issues moments after departing the Glenmont Station.

As a result of the mechanical issues, the first and last four cars of the train separated from each other. There were no reported injuries among the 12 passengers who were on board the train at the time.

There was a similar incident involving the 6000-series railcars back in October. During that incident, two railcars of a Red Line train detached from a train outside Union Station.

The October investigation remains ongoing.

Metro said the suspension of the 6000-series railcars will remain in effect until investigators can figure out the underlying causes and contributing factors involved in this recent incident.

While the investigation goes on, Metro said they will be using its 2000/3000-series legacy cars and newer 7000-series cars to accommodate riders.

They expect the switch will have a minimal impact on customers.

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