Trump won’t be at Giuliani election fight event

President Donald Trump will not be appearing at an event in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, with his lawyer Rudy Giuliani aimed at trying to dispute the results of the 2020 election.

The decision comes after a member of Trump’s campaign legal team, Boris Epshteyn, announced Wednesday he had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Epshteyn attended a press conference with Giuliani in Washington last week during which Giuliani continued to lob accusations of mass voter fraud despite no evidence to support his claims.

Also in attendance was Giuliani’s son, who works at the White House and announced a day later that he had tested positive.

Trump’s appearance was never confirmed or announced by the White House. But the Federal Aviation Administration had placed a flight restriction over the area, and Giuliani had teased it was a possibility in a radio interview en route to the event.

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