Amazon to double job presence in northern Virginia

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) — Amazon is taking a big step toward establishing its presence at its emerging northern Virginia headquarters, with plans to hire nearly 2,000 workers in a variety of jobs.

The new hires will more than double Amazon’s presence in Arlington, where about 1,600 are currently employed. The jobs cover a variety of specialties, including software developers, project managers, engineers and store designers.

In a blog post Wednesday, the company said the new jobs constitute the highest number of open positions in Arlington since the company announced its plans back in 2018 to establish a second headquarters in the Crystal City section of the county.

By 2025, the company expects to employ 25,000 in Arlington, supported by a $2.5 billion investment.

Wednesday’s announcement comes as the company is slated to make a presentation to county planning officials on its plans for PenPlace, the second phase of its headquarters development. Those plans call for construction of a unique, 350-foot helix-shaped office tower that can be climbed from the outside like a mountain hike.

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