DeSantis Creates Law Enforcement Unit to Protect Election Integrity


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continued his crusade to protect American democracy by signing into law a bill that will create a law enforcement unit tasked with protecting election integrity in the state of Florida. The bill also increases the penalties enforced on any persons caught violating voting laws.

“I don’t think there’s any place in the country where you should have more confidence that your vote counts than in the State of Florida,” said DeSantis at the Monday’s bill signing.

The legislation signed Monday paves the way for the creation of the state’s first ever Office of Election Crimes and Security under Florida’s State Department. The unit will be tasked with reviewing and investigating voter fraud allegations. In the past the Florida governor had the authority to appoint voter investigation officers, but the new board mandates that the governor appoint dedicated officers from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to manage any violations related to election law.

“Some of them may not care as much about the election stuff. I think it’s been mixed at how those reactions are going to be. So we just want to make sure whatever laws are on the books, that those laws are enforced,” said DeSantis.

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