Psaki Vows New Disinformation Board Will be “Nonpartisan and Apolitical”


The Biden Administration is scrambling after the announcement of their plans to develop a Disinformation Governance Board was met with swift opposition by conservatives who dubbed the board “The Ministry of Truth” in reference to George Orwell’s classic “1984”.

In a White House press briefing on Monday Press Scretarty Jen Psaki was asked about the newly former Board, and responded, “The mandate is not to adjudicate what is true or false online or otherwise … It will operate in a nonpartisan and apolitical manner.” She continued, “It’s basically meant to coordinate a lot of the ongoing work that is happening and the focus is on disinformation and threats to the homeland.”

Psaki’s comments were met with little faith, as Democrats in collusion with Big Tech have worked for years to censor the voices of conservatives online and in the public arena. It was also quickly pointed out that the woman tasked with leading the disinformation board Nina Jankowicz has an online history of being an extreme partisan who mocks republicans on her social media channels.

When asked by a reporter if Jankowicz, who publicly refuted the legitimacy of the Hunter Biden laptop, would censor content regarding the now verified laptop scandal, Psaki dodged the question, replying, “the woman you noted has extensive experience and has done extensive work addressing disinformation.”

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