Chris Wallace Finds New Home at CNN


After just one month and $300 million dollars spent, Warner Bros. Discovery announced that it would be shutting down operations and closing the door on CNN+, marking the end of their endeavor to create a paid subscription streaming service. The announcement left former Fox News anchor turned face of CNN+ Chris Wallace in a state of limbo with the network. After it was reported that Wallace was having regular breakdowns over the failure of CNN+ to garner an audience anywhere near expectation, it appears he landed a new job with the network.

It appears Wallace is set to move into a role with a Sunday evening show on CNN, according to a report from Axios. Wallace’s failed CNN+ show will move into the Sunday night slot and also be available on HBO Max.

It is clear that Warner Bros. Discovery is attempting to restore the network’s reputation of providing nonpartisan news to its audience. After nearly a half decade of moving the network to cater to the far left many question if the media outlet will ever be able to restore its perception as mouth piece for the democrat party. Speaking at a recent event, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav CNN said, “At a time where most news networks are advocacy networks, we at CNN intend to advocate for journalism first.”

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