President’s Corner 7/12: Loudoun County Republican Women’s

By Erin Roselle, President, Loudoun County Republican Women

As a community, it’s becoming increasingly more painful to pump gas, to shop for groceries for our families, or even to watch the news. Everywhere we turn we are seeing and experiencing left wing agendas infiltrating our livelihoods. Thankfully, we have a brief summer break from LCPS pushing its agenda on our kids. Enjoy it!

Where did the COVID money go?

I have tried to educate our community about the lies told to us regarding the use of the ESSER/CARES money given to LCPS and to schools across the nation. More is being exposed about this. Recently, there was an article published by Propublica confirming that the educational system used limited tracking on federal funding provided for the COVID pandemic. In one of the document images below, it clearly mentions that the public has limited access to the expenditures that states received. Why is this important? It means the lies continue, and it shows that this is how books like “Bye Bye Binary” or “For The Love Of Men” continue to make their way into school libraries. This is also how LCPS has been able to compel teachers to take these indoctrination trainings and implement this insidious ideology that goes against the very nature of who we are as conservatives. LCPS did not use the ESSER funding to open our schools, and only 20% went to actual education… so what was the 80% spent on? Everything on Joe Biden, and Jennifer Wexton’s indoctrination wish list.

Time to fight back

The LCRWC is planning a literacy project for our schools. I’ll be going into further details about this project at our July 21 LCRWC membership meeting. I encourage you all to attend as this will take the effort of the club and the community to be successful. I will be presenting it at the Loudoun County school board meeting in September. It is time for the mama and papa bears to say “enough!” to the poison pills that are being pushed on our children. Together, we can help impact the success of future leaders by reclaiming and re-educating these political leaders on the importance of literacy and education.

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