The Corruption Runs Deep | Erin Poe, Co-Founder, Army of Parents

If you turn on the news these days it is plain to see the correlation between the hidden/ stolen classified documentation of former political leaders and how public school systems hide documentation and data from stakeholders needed to make educational decisions for the betterment of children’s education. 

I would not expect anything less considering they are both Government Agencies full of corruption and not focused of doing good for the country or our schools.  

Why is it that ev ail is so rampant but yet seeking the truth and doing good makes you the villain not the hero? How backwards thinking our society has become.  

Now it seems that petty crime is not worth addressing anymore for the citizens of Loudoun County due to the misguided leadership of Loudoun’s Commonwealth attorney Buta Biberaj. It is essential okay to over burden law enforcement so Biberaj and her colleagues can continue to play out their roles of corruption and abuse of power towards the tax paying constituents of Loudoun County. 

I have seen daily comments from multiple social media platforms regarding an increase of these activities. Our society is becoming so lackadaisical in regards to what is right and wrong. What is this teaching our children, that we now have a gray area when it comes to committing crimes? Since when are we compromising on rules that were designed to keep our communities safe and help to encourage good citizenship.  Once again, condoning this behavior allows the perpetuation of dismantling our society and schools.

It seems like every day our neighborhoods are starting to represent cities like Chicago or California where crime has taken over leading to unsafe neighborhoods that no longer represent the communities that many of us grow up in.  We are witnessing firsthand that this is how a well played corrupt system can take hold of communities and force the good out and allows the bad in.  

In this election season I can only pray that there is a great revival of righteous individuals who lead with their conscience for the good of mankind and not with their greed and lust for power.  

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