Robinhood reveals new investigation on the eve of its blockbuster IPO

Regulators are investigating the fact that Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev is not licensed by FINRA, Wall Street’s powerful self-regulator, the online trading platform announced Tuesday. News of the probe comes more than five months after CNN Business reported that Tenev, the public face of Robinhood, is not registered with FINRA, short for the Financial Industry…MORE

How right-wing networks covered the January 6 hearing after months of soft-pedaling the Capitol attack

While viewers of other TV channels heard House Democrats denouncing the “whitewashing” of the January 6 attack, One America News viewers witnessed the whitewashing first-hand. On OAN, Tuesday’s select committee hearing about the insurrection barely happened at all. The channel’s poorly-produced programs avoided the substance of the hearing; slipped in several factual mistakes; and promoted…MORE

Tesla just had a very good quarter. Wall Street is not impressed

The last time Tesla reported quarterly earnings this far above Wall Street expectations, in October of 2019, it started the stock on one of the most incredible bull runs ever. Not this time. Shares of Tesla were down 3% in early afternoon trading Tuesday, despite a strong second quarter that blew away Wall Street forecasts…MORE

America’s largest retailer will cover 100% of college tuition for its workers

Walmart will pay for full college tuition and book costs at some schools for its US workers, the latest effort by the largest private employer in the country to sweeten its benefits as it seeks to attract and retain talent in a tight job market. The program includes 10 academic partners ranging from the University…MORE

These are the industries where jobs still haven’t returned

Job growth is outpacing economists’ expectations, and there’s still a long way — and 6.8 million jobs — to go before the nation’s labor market returns to levels seen before Covid-19. Economic recoveries, however, are not created equal, especially during a global pandemic that significantly altered the employment landscape. Many businesses have reopened since vaccine…MORE

Higher prices could be here to stay if the Fed doesn’t act soon

Back in March, people were freaking out about rising long-term interest rates and inflation fears. But now the 10-year US Treasury yield has fallen back again. Does this mean: So much for inflation worries? Maybe higher prices are in fact, to cite Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell’s favorite word, transitory after all? Not so fast.…MORE

There’s a jet fuel shortage at some US airports

The seats are full on most planes, but in some cases, the fuel tanks are not. At several western US airports, there’s not enough jet fuel to meet the increased demand for leisure travel. That could end up causing some flights to be canceled or force airlines to make extra stops to fuel up on…MORE

Campbell’s soup cans get first redesign in 50 years

The labels on Campbell’s soup cans are getting their first redesign in about 50 years. Eagled-eyed customers will notice that the famed red and white design remains, but the Campbell’s logo is receiving a “modernized logo scripture,” which includes eliminating the shadow and a slightly changed font that is based on founder Joseph Campbell’s original…MORE

Vaccine shortage holds back developing world as rich economies roar ahead

The economic outlook for rich countries is getting better while developing economies are falling behind. That’s according to the latest forecast from the International Monetary Fund. The organization on Tuesday confirmed its prediction that the global economy will expand by 6% this year. But while growth estimates for countries like the United States, the United…MORE


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