These foods disappeared from grocery stores last year. Now they’re back

If you walked into a grocery store last year, you may have made some unfortunate discoveries: No reduced-fat Jif peanut butter on shelves. Less Progresso soup. Fewer varieties of Smucker’s Uncrustables sandwiches available. All are examples of food that consumer goods manufacturers stopped making in 2020. So unless there was an old jar or can…MORE

Southwest Airlines warns Delta variant is hurting its business

The Delta variant of Covid-19 is weighing on Southwest Airlines’ bottom line. The carrier said in a regulatory filing Wednesday that customers this months have been booking fewer flights and are increasingly canceling the trips they’ve already booked. That prompted Southwest to lower its operating revenue estimates for the month to 15% to 20% below…MORE

4 things exhausted employees need from their managers right now

As the CEO of a company that provides leadership coaching, I struggled during the pandemic to find the balance between the positive impact our products and services could make in the world, and managing my — and my employees’ — exhaustion. It was clear that it was “go time,” but many of us had very…MORE

Inflation moderated in July but prices are still rising in America

Higher prices have been the pandemic recovery’s collateral damage. Even though higher Washington insists higher inflation may just be temporary, America’s prices keep rising — albeit at a slightly slower pace. In July, the pace of consumer price inflation slowed some, but it still remained elevated, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Wednesday. Stripping out…MORE

Don’t get too excited about infrastructure just yet

American politicians from both major parties have spent years advocating for an overhaul of the nation’s infrastructure. Those efforts always ended in failure until Tuesday, when 19 Republican senators voted with Democrats to approve a $1.2 trillion package that includes money to improve roads and bridges across the country. The House must still approve the…MORE

Cracks emerge in the restaurant recovery as Delta variant rages

Americans living in high-risk Covid states are starting to shy away from restaurants, malls and airports as the Delta variant rapidly spreads. And real-time economic indicators suggest the Delta variant is slowing the recovery in some of the hardest hit sectors, even though the impact is not yet being felt nationally. The findings show how…MORE

Nearly 60,000 pounds of frozen raw chicken products sold at Aldi and other stores recalled

Serenade Foods is recalling nearly 60,000 pounds of frozen, raw, breaded and pre-browned stuffed chicken products that could be contaminated with Salmonella Enteritidis, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Monday. The products were produced on February 24 and February 25, 2021, and were shipped to distributors across the country, the service said. They…MORE

Eviction moratoriums aren’t enough to rescue millions of Americans behind on rent

Shanta Matthews and her family were three months behind on rent last week and were preparing to be booted from their two-bedroom condo in Charleston, South Carolina, when they got a last-minute reprieve from the federal government. US health officials issued a new eviction moratorium on August 3, temporarily barring landlords from removing tenants in…MORE

Too many American communities are falling behind. We have a solution

As our economy has changed in recent years, communities have been left behind. Many of them have gone from exporting products to exporting young people as job opportunities erode. In Claymont, Delaware, a bustling steel mill that was once the beating heart of a large community halted operations in 2013 due to challenging market conditions…MORE


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