Soaring meat prices a tough sell for barbecue pitmasters

For about twenty minutes, Alex Barbosa had his full menu on display — written in permanent marker on peach-colored butcher paper — before he had to start taking parts of it down. “Sorry, ma’am. We’re already out of the burnt ends,” Barbosa, owner of the mobile barbecue trailer Barbosa’s Barbeque, tells the patron standing out…MORE

Tesla fans cry foul as Biden administration moves toward Autopilot regulations

The question of who will regulate cutting-edge driving technologies appears to be answered. For years, the US government hasn’t regulated driver-assist systems like Tesla’s Autopilot and GM’s SuperCruise. Automakers can do as they please because there are no standards for these systems. But President Joe Biden’s administration appears to want to change that, with the…MORE

How to turn down a job offer

It’s a nice feeling to get multiple job offers and be able to choose the best possible opportunity. But how you turn down potential employers is also important for your career. “You don’t want to burn any bridges, the world is really small,” said Karen Delk, CEO of Davis Delk Consulting, an executive coaching and…MORE

Bank of England official warns inflation could top 5% as UK economy slows

Inflation could surge above 5% early next year in the United Kingdom, according to the Bank of England’s top economist, as product and labor shortages continue to hamper the country’s economic recovery. “I would not be shocked — let’s put it that way — if we see an inflation print close to or above 5%…MORE

This meat is soon disappearing from Chipotle’s menu

Chipotle’s smoked brisket was always intended to be a limited-time menu item. But it’s been so popular that the offering is ending earlier than planned. The company revealed in Thursday’s earnings call that the brisket promotion will end in November, meaning it will just be on sale for partial quarter. Usually Chipotle’s limited-time offerings, such…MORE

Is the global recovery at risk?

Supply chain bottlenecks are weighing on economic growth in Europe. The same problem is hitting China as it battles an energy crunch and concerns about its huge real estate sector. And in the United States, factories can’t produce as much as they’d like due to shortages of workers. What’s happening: Recent data makes clear that…MORE

The climate crisis is an ’emerging threat’ to financial stability, US regulators say

The Financial Stability Oversight Council released a report on climate change Thursday, outlining the danger that a warming planet will have on the financial future of the United States. Climate change is an “emerging threat to the financial stability of the United States,” Stephen Ledbetter, the executive director and director of policy at the FSOC,…MORE

After a pair of scandals, Fed bans officials from buying stocks

The Federal Reserve announced new trading rules on Thursday following a controversy over trades made by senior officials. The Fed said the new rules will ban policymakers and senior staff from buying individual stocks and bonds and will restrict active trading. The central bank pledged to also increase the frequency of reporting and public disclosures.…MORE

Elizabeth Warren calls for the Fed to release March 2020 ethics warning

Senator Elizabeth Warren urged the Federal Reserve on Thursday to release a March 2020 ethics warning provided to Fed officials that could shed light on the central bank’s trading scandal. “I am writing to ask that you release this information immediately, so that Congress and the public can evaluate the extent to which Fed officials…MORE


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