Piers Morgan tells Rudy Giuliani on live TV: You’ve gone completely mad and you sound deranged

Piers Morgan’s live interview with Rudy Giuliani on Thursday devolved into a heated argument, that at times turned very personal, on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain.” Both men have been strong supporters of President Donald Trump: Morgan often writes favorable op-eds about Trump. Giuliani is the president’s personal lawyer. But their views diverged Thursday. The interview…MORE

Thousands of people are volunteering to be laid off

Who would want to lose their job in the middle of the worst job market since the Great Depression? Believe or not, thousands of people would. More than 10,000 people have already accepted buyout offers to leave their companies, despite unemployment being at the highest level of their lifetimes. And with more employers putting similar…MORE

Facebook will start labeling pages and posts from state-controlled media

Facebook will start labeling the pages, posts and advertisements of state-controlled media outlets, the company announced Thursday. The labels will immediately start appearing on pages belonging to outlets such as state-run Russia Today and China’s Xinhua. Starting next week, users in the United States will start to see the label appear on these outlets’ individual…MORE

American Airlines expands its US flight schedule for July

The airlines’ summer travel season won’t be as busy or profitable as last year’s. But it’s looking less dire than expected. American Airlines is seeing “improving demand for air travel,” the company said Thursday, prompting it to plan a sizable increase in flights for July. American will fly 55% of its normal domestic schedule next…MORE

Thousands of aviation jobs have gone already. The shock wave puts many more at risk

The fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has gutted airlines and is now spreading to companies that make the parts and systems powering their planes, threatening to devastate a highly skilled workforce and hamstring the industry’s eventual recovery. About 1.2 million people around the world work in civil aerospace, including engineers, aircraft designers and factory workers,…MORE

Nearly 43 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits during the pandemic

Millions of Americans again filed for unemployment benefits last week, as the coronavirus recession drags on. Another 1.9 million workers filed for initial unemployment aid last week, according to the US Department of Labor. More than a quarter of the labor force — 42.6 million people — has now claimed benefits since the pandemic began…MORE

The S&P 500 just had its best 50 days ever

The US stock market rally has in many ways been befuddling. But there’s no denying that gains have been extraordinary. The index just notched its strongest 50-day rally of all time as investors opt to look past the risks associated with rising US-China tensions and widespread civil unrest in the United States. What’s happening: Since…MORE

Germany hands out cash for electric cars as part of huge new stimulus splurge

Germany is spending billions of euros on subsidies that will slash the price of electric cars as part of a huge economic stimulus package that could help automakers such as Volkswagen to sell vehicles that are better for the environment. The German government will double existing subsidies to €6,000 ($6,720) on electric vehicles that cost…MORE


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