Right-wing media holds Biden bash-fest, foreshadowing its next four years of coverage

President Joe Biden implored Americans in his inaugural speech to come together and unify, but the right-wing media machine has wasted no time dishonestly trashing him — foreshadowing what the next four years of coverage from outlets like Fox News will look like. On Fox News Wednesday night, the network decided against airing most of…MORE

Costco is (finally) testing out curbside pickup for groceries

Costco has held off on offering curbside pickup for groceries for years. Now, in a shift, it’s trying it out at three stores in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Costco announced last week that it would start offering members of the warehouse club in the area same-day pickup on 2,000 grocery and general merchandise items. There’s a…MORE

Trump’s business was crashing even before the Capitol riot made his brand toxic

Donald Trump’s businesses generated nearly 40% less revenue last year as the coronavirus pandemic slammed the hotel industry, putting the former president under financial pressure even before corporate partners and banks ditched him in the wake of the insurrection at the US Capitol. Posted on Wednesday as he left the White House, Trump’s final financial…MORE

900,000 Americans filed for unemployment in Donald Trump’s last full week as president

The jobs crisis roared on during Donald Trump’s last full week as president, with 900,000 Americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits on a seasonally adjusted basis. It was a down from the prior week’s upswing, when claims rose to 926,000. It’s a good sign that benefit applications fell again, but “good” is relative here. Millions…MORE

The pandemic stock market divide isn’t going away

Stocks have reached records on hopes that stimulus spending and vaccination programs will trigger a recovery in corporate earnings later this year. But for companies like United Airlines, the situation is only becoming more dire. What’s happening: The airline told investors after markets closed on Wednesday that its losses are mounting and emphasized plans to…MORE

Trump-appointed head of Global Media agency resigns at Biden’s request

Michael Pack, the controversial Trump-appointed CEO of the US Agency for Global Media, resigned on Wednesday after a request from the Biden administration. Pack, a conservative documentary filmmaker who became CEO in June, has been widely criticized for his stewardship of the international news services under USAGM, including the Voice of America. “The new administration…MORE

Biden addresses nation’s information crisis: We must ‘defeat the lies’

In a sharp break with his predecessor, President Joe Biden vowed during his inaugural address Wednesday to tackle the information crisis plaguing American politics and society. “We must reject the culture in which facts themselves are manipulated and even manufactured,” Biden said shortly after taking the oath as the 46th President. “There is truth,” Biden…MORE


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