Garden Sense


Nicholas and Eric Roozen


Learn from the experts! Every Saturday from 1pm-2pm, Nicholas and Eric Roozen will answer your questions on any topic concerning your Lawn & Garden on WMAL.

The Objective of GARDEN SENSE is to share with our listeners the many advantages the Independent Garden Centers in their neighborhood have to offer, both in terms of knowledge and advice as well as in terms of products which will yield superior results and are not available from Discount or Big Box Retailers.

Rick Fowler co-hosts GARDEN SENSE. Rick is a native Washingtonian and familiar voice on WMAL. Before teaming with Jos, Rick was quoted as saying “If it weren’t for crabgrass, I wouldn’t have any grass at all.” After several months of following Jos Roozen’s guidance, Rick is no longer embarrassed about having guests over. Rick now says “if I can do it, anybody can do it… stick with Jos”.

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