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Because matters of money and life can get confusing, and the legal jargon involved can be a little tricky, News Talk 105.9 WMAL is pleased to bring you Legally Speaking with Attorney Mike and James Collins. Every Saturday morning (9a-10a) attorneys Mike and James Collins will answer your questions about wills, trusts, taxes, probate and clarifies those confusing estate planning difficulties that lead to unnecessary delay and expense for so many families.

The sole area of practice of The Collins Firm is estate planning and administration. Because they have encountered such a wide array of family and personal circumstances, they are able to identify potential problems and recommend solutions based on over 275 years of combined legal experience. With Mike and James Collins at the helm, their team of attorneys have been counseling clients for over a quarter of a century.

Michael T. Collins, Esq. has been a member of the Bar for over fifty years, and drafted his first Revocable Living Trust in 1966. Since then, he has been through bull markets, bear markets, good times, and bad. He has seen tremendous change in the laws of estate and trust taxation, coped with probate systems on both coasts, and through the years has guided his clients through a wide array of planning challenges.

James J. Collins, Esq. has been an estate attorney for over two decades. For the past twelve years, he has headed the Estate Administration Department of The Collins Firm, in which capacity he has counseled over 4,000 families. He is also the author of an award-winning monograph, “A Crash Course in Retirement Plan Distribution Rules for the Estate Planning Attorney”.

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