#LarryOQuestion: Have Democrats given up on rural America?

Do you think Democrats have given up on rural America? Share your stories today on The Larry O’Connor Show! An article from News Letter titled, “Democrats in rural Virginia complain party is ignoring them” discusses this topic. Here is an excerpt from the article: “Some in rural districts across Virginia complain that the state Democratic machinery continues…MORE


#LarryOQuestion: Are violent video games to blame for gun violence?

  Do you think that violent video gamed, movies, and tv shows are too blame for gun violence in the United States? Share your stories today on The Larry O’Connor Show! Larry feels passionately about this topic as a gamer himself. He wrote about this topic at Mediaite where he maes the case why his fellow conservatives…MORE

Stephen Mansfield

LISTEN: STEPHEN MANSFIELD discusses his new book “Choosing Donald Trump”

Listen as Larry spoke with New York Times best-selling author and a popular speaker, Stephen Mansfield. Stephen discusses his new book,”Choosing Donald Trump”, which is described as an exploration of the religious background of Donald Trump, the faith factors in the 2016 election, and what it is all likely to mean for America and the world.MORE

david marcus

LISTEN: DAVID MARCUS discusses the reputation of Christopher Columbus

Listen as Larry spoke with David Marcus, Senior Contributor for The Federalist, on the reputation of Christopher Columbus and whether or not the United States should still celebrate Columbus Day. Larry references Davids new article for The Weekly Standard, Italian-Americans Will Never Let Christopher Columbus Become Robert E. Lee. To read the article click here.MORE


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