Larry O’Connor’s Daily Radar Report 05.11.18

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Fairfax County Public Schools considering controversial new sex education policy (Fox 5 DC)

Parents are protesting a proposed new sex education policy in Fairfax County. Those opposed to it say the new curriculum would promote transgender issues and encourage the use of contraceptives instead of abstinence.

On Thursday night, school board members heard from people on both sides of the issue. Supporters of the new sex education proposal say it is more reflective of the human experience. They believe it is more forward-thinking and inclusive of LGBTQ and transgender students. But those against the proposed new curriculum say it goes too far – without teaching kids about some of the health risks. [Read More]

Kimberley Strassel: Did the FBI place a mole inside the 2016 Trump campaign? (Fox News)

The Department of Justice lost its latest battle with Congress Thursday when it allowed House Intelligence Committee members to view classified documents about a top-secret intelligence source that was part of the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign. Even without official confirmation of that source’s name, the news so far holds some stunning implications.

Among them is that the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation outright hid critical information from a congressional investigation. In a Thursday press conference, Speaker Paul Ryan bluntly noted that Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes’s request for details on this secret source was “wholly appropriate,” “completely within the scope” of the committee’s long-running FBI investigation, and “something that probably should have been answered a while ago.” Translation: The department knew full well it should have turned this material over to congressional investigators last year, but instead deliberately concealed it. [Read More]

West Sacramento Launching Controversial Program Watching Public’s Social Media Posts (CBS Sacramento)

West Sacramento is the first city to launch a controversial new program that watches what people post about it online.
The pilot project gives city leaders a look at what’s trending in the city, whether it’s good or bad. It’s also creating privacy concerns around how the data is being used.
When a wave of mailbox thefts hit the city last year, people complained on social media, and West Sacramento was watching. City leaders were alerted to the community concerns by a new system. [Read More]

Principal will no longer give ‘birthday spankings’ after parent complaints (New York Post)

ALVORD, Texas — An elementary school principal in North Texas is discontinuing her tradition of “birthday spankings” to students after parents complained.

KTVT-TV reports that Alvord Independent School District Superintendent Randy Brown released a Tuesday statement announcing an end to the spankings at Alvord Elementary School. Brown says the district received two complaints about Principal Bridget Williams’ tradition. [Read More]

Black Support For Trump Is Rising Into The Danger Zone For Democrats (The Federalist)

The latest YouGov/Economist poll (May 6-8), one of a few that comprehensively breaks down support by ethnicity, has some frightening news for the Democratic Party.

While President Trump’s approval holds steady among registered voters at 41 percent, his support among blacks in this poll is striking. If it holds for 2020, it could be devastating for Democrats. Among African-Americans, 16 percent approve of Trump, 10 percent are not sure, and 75 percent disapprove. [Read More]

Celebrating Mother’s Day With Your Dad Is Totally Cool & Here’s How To Do It (Elite Daily)

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that can be overwhelmingly emotional, regardless of whether your mom is in your life. Know that celebrating Mother’s Day with your dad is absolutely an option if you won’t be with your mom. And if you’d rather shut off your phone for the day and spend time with your dad without a constant Instagram feed of mom pics, that’s cool, too.

Regardless of how you define your family, it’s worth taking a day (or two, if you count Father’s Day) to celebrate the people who’ve been by your side. For these four women below, that person is Dad, which is why they’ve decided to give Mother’s Day a whole new meaning. [Read More]

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