Larry O’Connor’s Radar Report 09.10.18

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Hemingway: Obama Treated Press Worse Than Trump Does, But Media Didn’t Care (The Federalist)

In a segment on Fox News’s “Special Report with Bret Baier” on Friday night, Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway said former President Obama took more punitive actions against the media during his tenure in office than Donald Trump has as president.

In a speech on Friday, Obama said that while he complained about Fox News as president, he never tried to shut them down or call them the “enemy of the people.” Charles Lane of The Washington Post said that, as president, Obama treated members of the media fairly and championed free speech — a description Hemingway disputed. [Read More]

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse: I ‘Regularly Consider’ Switching From Republican To Independent; Neither Party Has ‘A Long-Term Vision’ (The Daily Wire)

On Sunday, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” and slammed both major political parties during an exchange with host Jake Tapper.

Tapper began by asking about a recent tweet from Sasse: “I have to start – yesterday, you retweeted someone who said that they switched their party registration from ‘Democrat’ to ‘no party,’ and you replied by saying you ‘regularly consider’ switching from the Republican Party to becoming an independent as well.” [Read More]


Maria Butina, a Russian national accused of acting as an unregistered foreign agent, expressed concern in July 2016 that her efforts to establish relationships with American politicians would be disrupted by Russian hacks of Democrats’ emails.

“Right now I’m sitting here very quietly after the scandal about our FSB hacking into [Political Party 2’s] emails. My all too blunt attempts to befriend politicians right now will probably be misinterpreted, as you yourself can understand,” Butina wrote in an email to a Russian government official believed to be Alexander Torshin, the deputy chief of Russia’s central bank.

The message was revealed in court documents submitted Friday night. [Read More]

This Twitter Bot Finds the Worst Drivers in DC (Washingtonian)

A new Twitter bot has been exposing some hard truths about DC drivers. The worst ones rack up some intense parking tickets—as in $10,000 or more in unpaid fines. The current high score? $10,700. And was before the bot stopped granting high scores for that car’s plate. [Read More]

Ohr notes show Simpson continued to push debunked story of Trump-Russia bank connections (The Washington Times)

Fusion GPS founder Glenn R. Simpson pushed a conspiracy theory to the Justice Department that posited Donald Trump maintained a computer server in 2016 directly linked to the Kremlin-connected Alfa Bank in Moscow, according to government notes obtained by The Washington Times.

The handwritten entries by then-Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr conflict with Mr. Simpson’s subsequent testimony to the Senate Judiciary CommitteeMr. Simpson, an opposition research agent paid by the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, told senators he didn’t know whether there was any dedicated TrumpAlfa server and drew no conclusions, according to a transcript of his August 2017 closed-door testimony.

The debunked server conspiracy theory sprung up in leftist social media during the presidential campaign to suggest that Mr. Trump and his Trump Organization had illegal ties with Russia. To liberals, the supposed Trump server meant that the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign had a secret communication channel to a powerful group of oligarch bankers tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin. [Read More]

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