Panda Watch: Panda House Reopens As Bei Bei Recovers


Alicia Abelson

WASHINGTON — (CNN) The Smithsonian National Zoo has re-opened the doors to their panda house on Monday following the recovery of their giant panda cub Bei Bei.

Marty Dearie, a panda zookeeper at the Smithsonian National Zoo says that Bei Bei has “been doing really well for the past week, week and a half and we were just comfortable that we could open up and let his fans see him again.”

The giant panda cub has been moving around more, eating at a healthy rate, and playing with his toys. Bamboo has not been reintroduced to Bei Bei’s diet yet seeing as it would be very hard to digest. He continues to nurse from his mother Mei Xiang and eat apples, sweet potatoes, and softened biscuits.

Operating hours for the panda house are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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