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Facebook suspends ‘inauthentic’ accounts, sees Russia link (Politico)

Facebook shut down more than two dozen “inauthentic” accounts and pages on Tuesday that sought to inflame social and political tensions in the United States, and said their activity was similar — and in some cases connected — to that of Russian accounts during the 2016 election.

The action marked the social media giant’s first significant acknowledgment of an ongoing, coordinated propaganda campaign on its site since it implemented new safeguards after the 2016 vote. [Read More]

US economy grows at fastest pace since 2014 (Fox Business)

U.S. gross domestic product advanced by 4.1% in the second quarter, the fastest pace of economic expansionsince 2014 – when third-quarter growth reached 5.2%.

After the GDP report was released President Trump tweeted, “Great GDP numbers just released.” In a press conference at the White House Trump said annual GDP growth “will be over 3%.” [Read More]

Do Women Sabotage Other Women on the Job? (Psychology Today)

There’s a saying that reminds us, “Go alone if you want to go fast, go together if you want to go far.

Unfortunately, some women feel that when it comes to getting ahead on-the-job, “going together” isn’t likely going to happen because too many other women choose to “go fast” and leave their female colleagues behind.

In a world that continues to generate divisions and divides between privilege, reward, and opportunities based on difference, it will be difficult for any group to succeed as a whole when token members are able to push to the top and have their singular presence lauded as examples of equity or fairness. Women feel that once other women make it to the top, they are so fearful of losing their positions that they are less likely to offer other women their support any longer. [Read More]

Progressive Reactions to the Religious-Liberty Task Force Prove We Need It (National Review)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Monday afternoon that the Department of Justice has established a new task force to ensure the enforcement of the Trump administration’s religious-liberty guidelines issued last year.

In his remarks, Sessions pointed to the Obama administration’s coercive contraceptive mandate, which forced the Little Sisters of the Poor, an order of charitable Catholic nuns — as well as countless other religious employers — to subsidize birth control for employees. Sessions also alluded to the incident last year when Democratic senators asked Seventh Circuit court nominee Amy Coney Barrett about whether her Catholic faith would preclude her from serving as a successful judge. [Read More]

Bernie Sanders’s fear of immigrant labor is ugly — and wrongheaded (Vox)

If I could add one amendment to the Constitution, it would be the one Wall Street Journal editorial page editor Robert Bartley once proposed: “There shall be open borders.” There is no single policy that the United States could adopt that would do more good for more people. An average Nigerian worker can increase his income almost 15-fold just by moving to the United States, and residents of significantly richer countries like Mexico can more than double their earnings. The humanitarian gains of letting everyone who wants to make that leap do so would be astounding.

So I was disappointed, if not surprised, at the visceral horror with which Bernie Sanders reacted to the idea when interviewed by my colleague Ezra Klein. “Open borders?” he interjected. “No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal.” The idea, he argued, is a right-wing scheme meant to flood the US with cheap labor and depress wages for native-born workers. “I think from a moral responsibility, we’ve got to work with the rest of the industrialized world to address the problems of international poverty,” he conceded, “but you don’t do that by making people in this country even poorer.” [Read More]


Paul McCartney Plays Surprise Show In Liverpool

Paul McCartney held a surprise concert yesterday at the Cavern Club in his hometown of Liverpool, England. The historic venue was the site of many of The Beatles first concerts in the early-1960s.

McCartney played the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts on Wednesday. His performance on Thursday was revealed that morning and 200 free tickets were given away on a first-come-first-served basis at the nearby Echo Arena later that same morning.

Lucky ticket holders were treated to an afternoon set by McCartney and his band that mixed hits from days with The Fab Four, solo material and other selections including “In Spite of All the Danger,” which was first issued in 1958 by McCartney’s pre-The Beatles group The Quarrymen. McCartney also offered a take on the recently shared single “Come On to Me,” from the 76-year-old’s upcoming new solo LP Egypt Station.22 [Read More]

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