Lee Smith, Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, Stephen Moore & Jeff Dove on The Larry O’Connor Show 08.03.18

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Privately, Intel Officials Back Shutting Out Brennan, Clapper (Real Clear Investigations)

President Trump has been criticized for politicizing the intelligence community by threatening to strip the security clearances of former top officials including John Brennan and James Clapper. But numerous past and present senior intelligence officials say that the Obama administration started the politicization — and that revoking the clearances of those who abuse the privilege for partisan purposes may help right the ship.

“As is often the case with the Trump administration, the rollout of the policy is bad, but the idea driving the policy is sound,” said one senior intelligence official who, like others interviewed for this article, spoke to RealClearInvestigations only on condition of anonymity. “Under some Obama-era intelligence chiefs, intelligence was used as a political weapon. We need to root that out, not reward it.” [Read More]

Fairfax County To Charge Locals $200 To List On Airbnb: Report (Patch)

Fairfax County has changed their zoning ordinance on short-term rental services such as Airbnb that would place a $200 tax on residents who want to use the service to make some extra money, according to a report.

The Washington Post reports that the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved the ordinance Tuesday, which would allow residents to rent out there homes for up to 60 days per year, as long as the number of occupants is limited to six adults, and as long as they buy a $200 two-year permit and pay transient occupancy taxes — which would amount to 6 percent of what they get from the rental.

The county hopes to generate $578,000 in revenue each year from the ordinance, according to the report. [Read More]

CNN Confronts QAnon Conspiracists at Trump Rally: ‘You Say Stuff That Doesn’t Mean Anything’ (Mediaite)

What is QAnon? Not even its strongest supporters really know.

CNN’s Gary Tuchman bravely took to a rainy parking lot in Wilkes-Barre, PA to interview the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe Trump outside one of the president’s rallies.

The question on his mind: What is QAnon, which he posed to those waiting to enter the rally who touted signs and donned T-shirts with Qs on them. [Read More]

About Jeff Dove Jr.

Jeff Dove Jr.’s biography traces the touchstones of the American Dream: the child of a single mother, raised in multiple towns, attending five high schools in four years, who constructed a future through hard work and faith in the essential goodness of humankind.

“My family had some hard times, but those weren’t our focus. What we recognized was that we were – and still are – a family, and that’s the foundation for any future,” Dove says today.

He spent his youth in a variety of suburban D.C. towns, constantly moving with his mom and sister until the family ended up in Roanoke, VA. On his first day at one of the two high schools he would attend in that town, Jeff discovered he was one of only 16 African-American students in the school.

After graduating, he found work at an area university, working at its student store, before joining the U.S. Army in 2004. [Read More]

Feinstein was ‘mortified’ by FBI allegation that staffer was spy for China: report (Fox News)

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein fired a staffer a few years back who was allegedly part of an effort to spy and pass on political intelligence to the Chinese government.

The staffer, based in the Democrat’s San Francisco office, was suspected of delivering political intelligence, though nothing top secret, to officials based at the local Chinese Consulate, Politico reported.

The FBI informed Feinstein, the then-chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, about five years ago about the staffer and allegations that the staffer was a spy. The source who confirmed the incident to the San Francisco Chronicle said “Dianne was mortified” upon learning about it. [Read More]

Ana Navarro: ‘CNN Tries to Be Very Balanced’ (Washington Free Beacon)

Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro engaged in a fiery debate over media bias on Friday’s episode of “The View,” with Navarro vehemently defending the journalistic integrity of CNN, the network she frequently contributes to.

McCain opened the discussion by expressing disagreement with President Donald Trump’s use of the word ‘enemy’ to describe the media.

“I don’t agree with that terminology because I use the word ‘enemy’ for things like ISIS, for people that are trying to inflict harm on the United States of America,” McCain said, “but I will say when you are talking about media coverage and liberal media bias, it’s something that’s real and really exists.” [Read More]



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