Rep. Tom McClintock, John Solomon, Tom Fitton & Steve Weintraub on The Larry O’Connor Show 05.09.19

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Rep. Collins blasts Barr contempt vote as ‘desperate’ move to discredit attorney general (FOX News)

Ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia Thursday accused House Democrats of taking “our power of subpoena and contempt” and making a “mockery of it,” after the committee voted to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena for the unredacted Mueller report and underlying documents related to the investigation. [Read More]

FBI’s Steele story falls apart: False intel and media contacts were flagged before FISA (The Hill)

The FBI’s sworn story to a federal court about its asset, Christopher Steele, is fraying faster than a $5 souvenir t-shirt bought at a tourist trap.

Newly unearthed memos show a high-ranking government official who met with Steele in October 2016 determined some of the Donald Trump dirt that Steele was simultaneously digging up for the FBI and for Hillary Clinton’s campaign was inaccurate, and likely leaked to the media. [Read More]

Biden: We Have an ‘Obligation’ to Provide Health Care to Undocumented Immigrants (Washington Free Beacon)

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday said the United States is obligated to give health care to everyone, “regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented.”

During a campaign stop in Los Angeles, Calif., Democratic presidential candidate Biden answered questions from reporters, including a question about undocumented immigrants and the right to health care.

“Do you think that undocumented immigrants who are in this country and are law-abiding should be entitled to federal benefits like Medicare, Medicaid for example?” a reporter asked. [Read More]

This group scores vets free tickets to sporting events, concerts, shows — even the Super Bowl (Military Times)

Most folks probably remember Super Bowl XLII as the first time the New York Giants took down the New England Patriots on the NFL’s biggest stage. Michael Focareto, however, probably thinks of Feb. 3, 2008, as the day a life-changing idea was born.

Focareto attended that game in Glendale, Ariz., and noticed that the Color Guard troops who participated in pregame pomp and circumstance had to stand for the rest of the game. He looked around the stadium and noticed there were plenty of empty seats.

That’s when inspiration struck. [Read More]



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