Why the Trump-Ukraine scandal isn’t dominating the news in Ukraine

On Friday an English-language Ukrainian paper called the Kyiv Post made a splash on social media with an arresting front page. With a red headline, “Shady Cast of Characters: Engineers of Trump-Ukraine Scandal,” the entire front page was filled with photos of everyone allegedly connected to the scandal currently engulfing the Trump administration and Ukraine…MORE

Boeing’s latest 737 Max problems could come at huge cost

For Boeing, a very bad 2019 keeps getting worse. And potentially much more expensive. Boeing is already on record that it is counting on getting approval for its grounded 737 Max to fly again by the end of this year. But that apparently became more difficult Friday after the FAA demanded that the aircraft maker…MORE

Jamie Dimon says Libra will never happen, and he wishes he could take JPMorgan private

Jamie Dimon doesn’t think Libra, Facebook’s embattled cryptocurrency project, will ever get off the ground. “It was a neat idea that will never happen,” the JPMorgan Chase CEO said on Friday at an event organized by the Institute of International Finance, according to a video posted by CNBC. Libra has been criticized by politicians, raised…MORE

Johnson & Johnson stock falls after asbestos found in baby powder

The bad news keeps coming for Johnson & Johnson: The company on Friday announced a voluntary recall of its popular baby powder after some bottles were found to contain small amounts of asbestos. Shares of J&J fell 5%, making it the second worst-performing stock in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The drop in J&J, along…MORE

British luxury brands fight to keep US customers as tariffs hit

A group representing 250 UK luxury brands caught in the middle of a trade spat between the United States and the European Union is preparing to launch a charm offensive in New York. The trade mission led by industry body Walpole kicks off Monday. It was arranged before US tariffs on $7.5 billion worth of…MORE

Dow sinks 250 points as Boeing’s stock tanks

The Dow dropped some 250 points Friday, following a sharp drop in Boeing’s shares. Shares of Boeing, which has been hurt by the grounding of its bestselling 737 Max jet, dropped after the FAA and U.S. Department of Transportation said they are investigating whether the aircraft maker withheld information during the 737 Max’s certification process.…MORE

Swiss banks are charging millionaires to store their money

Instead of paying interest on deposits, Swiss banks are starting to charge wealthy customers to stash their cash. Credit Suisse said Friday that the bank would apply a negative 0.75% interest rate to balances above 2 million Swiss francs ($2 million). This means that if an individual client or business holds 3 million Swiss francs…MORE

Small cans lead to big sales for Coca-Cola

Good things came in small sizes for Coca-Cola last quarter. The company reported sales that topped forecasts, thanks in part to a double-digit increase in volume for its 7.5-ounce mini cans. The smaller-sized cans appeal to more health-conscious consumers who are increasingly watching what they drink and eat but may not want to switch to…MORE

AB InBev accuses rival of obtaining the secret recipe for Bud Light

Anheuser-Busch InBev has accused rival brewer Miller Coors of obtaining the secret recipes for Bud Light and Michelob Ultra, the latest shot in a long running legal dispute. The world’s largest brewer claimed Thursday in US court documents that Miller Coors, a subsidiary of Molson Coors, has obtained the “precise recipes” for some of its…MORE

Dave & Buster’s replaces Impossible Burger with competitor

Dave & Buster’s is taking the Impossible Burger off its menu, and swapping it out for a competitor. “We’ve upgraded to Lightlife,” Art Carl, vice president of culinary and beverage for Dave & Buster’s said in a statement Thursday. Lightlife has been making vegan products for decades, and this year launched a burger that, like…MORE


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